Guanaco invasion

Can you imagine that all the photos in this post are taken on the same day? The Torres saying ‘you’ll have four seasons in one day’ really makes sense to us now. One moment it’s raining cats & dogs and a few minutes later you’ll see the sun in blue skies again. And no matter what – rain or shine – the wind is always there as a constant factor.  This makes it actually quiet hard to see the 3 torres in all their glory, as the wind will constantly move clouds back and forth to hide the peaks. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to see them all, at the end of the day!

We’ll start the day with a tour along all the beautiful lakes in the park. In this time of year the waterfalls are huge, really impressive! And as soon as the grey clouds are moving in, it’s time to race to the other side of the mountain range. After some heavy showers the rain suddenly stops as we reach a beautiful green field full of guanacos.

In the afternoon we’ll hike 16km from Lago Azul to Lago Cebolla. Even now, in high season, we’re the only ones there. The trail is beautiful, with lake views and lots of birds a long the way. Unfortunately clouds prevent us from seeing the three Torres. It’s just too cloudy! We still point to them on the photo, so you’ll know where to look next time…

Our last stop is Laguna Amarga, a beautiful lagoon full of flamingos and with the Torres watching over her. We can finally see them! The setting sun makes this place even more beautiful and we enjoy the views and funny flamingos. On our way out of the park some of the wildlife – ñandus, caracaras and guanacos – wave us goodbye. We’re sad to leave, but will always remember these past few days in the park. Awesome!