Isla Ibiza

Put 11 girls in a plane to Ibiza and let them stay there for 8 days in the most luxurious villa you can ever imagine… Troubles guaranteed. That’s why they’ve invented that nice saying, whatever happens in Ibiza…. These are some photo’s we were allowed to share 😉

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It’s been an amazing week! Although you won’t even find half of it on the photo’s, here’s our Ibiza bucket list:

  • Dance all night round the hippie drummings at Cala Benirras – √
  • Have dinner at Cala Conta’s Sunset Ashram with spectacular views – √
  • Go bankrupt at the Hippie Market at Punta Arabi – √
  • Buy feather items, cute bags and bohemian jewelry – √
  • Party in the VIP Lounge of Night club Pacha with indefinite drinking – √
  • Getting close enough to take a picture with David Guetta – √
  • Get robbed in a night club – √
  • Forget quickly, because the night’s too awesome – √
  • Laugh so hard you can’t breath- √
  • Have an all-night BBQ at the villa with games & gin tonics – √
  • Go on a tacky boat tour with booze & Brittish people; no good idea – √
  • Jump of the boat into the ocean, holding an inflatable unicorn – √
  • Have fruit de mer for lunch at the Jockey Club in Ses Salinas – √
  • Get invited to someone’s villa for an after party – √
  • Sipping cocktails at the Blue Marlin – √
  • Feel blessed, cause you spent this awesome week with your best friends – √
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