Kata Tjuta National Park

The last part of our roadtrip takes us to Kata Tjuta National Park. This park is famous for Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). As we’re getting closer to the Outback’s red core, we suddenly see the giant monolith, the icon we’ve been wanting to see so badly. Wow, we can’t believe we’re here!

We love the camping life. You’re always outside and only need a few basics to make it through the day. Max would BBQ all day if he could, he just loves to prep everything on the grill. After dinner it’s time to drive into the national park and watch the changing colors of Uluru during sunset. Superb!

Watching the sunset was amazing, and before we know it the alarm goes off after only a few hours of sleep… We wouldn’t want to miss the sunrise! A bit sleepy though, we drive to another viewing point to watch the sun rise and to see all different orange and red shades of Uluru. It’s amazing! Forget about our clothes though… when it’s that early and freakishly cold, you’re glad you can find something warm to wear…