Roof of the world

No matter how we put it…Our first rendez-vous with Tibet was love at first sight. This truly is a unique destination, with still hardly any Western tourists in this time of the year. The views from our train windows were like watching a movie! After 44 hours we were finally at the destination we looked forward to for months: the land of snow!

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Our guide Namgyal picked us up from the Lhasa train station; he will take us on tour for the next few days. But first, we need to get used to the altitude. For us that means: relax, take it easy and stroll around Lhasa for a bit! We received lots of attention of the locals, with smiles, waves and curious looks.

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During the first three days we visited the Drepung Monastery, the Jokhang Temple, the Sera Monastery, the Potala Palace and we walked around the Barkhor circuit. We don’t even know how to describe the beauty of all these ancient and historical sights, so let the photos speak for themselves.

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Tonight we will pack our stuff to travel to Shigatse and Everst Basecamp. We’re at 3650 m at the moment, but will reach over 5200 m in the next few days. Roof of the world it is!

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