Stunning views over Lake Titicaca

From La Paz it is ‘only’ a 5 hour drive to Copacabana. This will be our Bolivian retreat the next four days to relax and hike a bit, before we head to Peru! Copacabana is a little town with many tourist shops, restaurants and overall a really nice tranquilo vibe. We like it here, especially since we found a gorgeous hotel where we can totally relax. Hammocks, a hot tub, the most beautiful and cozy suite with our own fire place and…. an alpaca garden!!!!

We love this place! What do you guys think of our 1001 Arabian night suite? Cool right? Our days are filled with reading in one of the hammocks – with Titicaca views – and visiting the baby alpaca in the garden. He’s only 10 days old and too cute to handle. Besides all the chillness we actually keep our hiking spirit alive by letting us drop off in one of the local village nearby. We then hike the 10km back to Copacabana and enjoy the stunning views over the lake, the many terraces and the floating villages. Such a beautiful place this is!

From Copacabana we take a ferry to Isla del Sol, a popular island on the Titicaca lake. We hike the Isla’s spine from North to South and spend the night here. It’s actually harder than we expected, as the inca path takes us uphill and downhill for over 4 hours. (We don’t want to start nagging about the altitude once again, but we’re around 4000m now and feel this constantly). However, the views are amazing and this hike is worth it for sure. We love it when we reach the final village and sit down in rocking chairs to enjoy an ice cold beer. Cheers!