Bolivian City life

Bolivia is so much more than salt flats and wonderful nature. This country also has some colonial cities that should not be skipped! Meet Sucre and La Paz, two cities with a very interesting history, beautiful buildings and a bustling vibe. After all the tours we’ve done we would really like to slow our pace. Strolling down the streets, taking it easy and avoiding any rush! We kind of like our new day rhythm: in the morning we would buy our bread at the bakery next door and do some shoppings at the local market in town. In the afternoon we would walk to one of the parks, to sit on a bench and watch people go by (among all locals who do exactly the same). In the evening we would cook our own meal (!!) and enjoy this during a cold beer and some Latin music. Good fun!

After easy going Sucre, we take the night bus to chaotic La Paz. What a difference! We enjoyed the calm atmosphere and local carnaval parades in Sucre, but La Paz is something else. Unfortunately the city is coping with demonstrations and aggresive crowds. The police reacts to that with tear gass, so not quite a warm welcome you could say. Thankfully, we were still able to visit some nice spots in the area around our hotel. Especially the city tour was a lot of fun! It may sound lame, but we always try to do such tours in bigger cities. It’s the best way of becoming acquainted with the city really fast and to meet other travelers. We really enjoyed La Paz for a few days and we learned a lot about its history and people.