Bon bini den Curaçao

My bestie Mirte suggested to take it to the tropics this winter and so we did! Hello summer! When you need to warm up after a long period of hard work or just want to party and enjoy the island life… Curacao is always a good idea.
P3150017 P3150006
P3150022 P3150035
P3180155 (2) P3160054

Curacao has many nice beaches and bays you can easily visit by car. We rented our little yellow friend shown on the pictures below, perfect for a few days of cruising and sightseeing. Despite the heat, we even managed to reach the top of Mount Christoffel. The view was a bit cloudy, but hey, we managed!

P3180137 P3160076
P3160068 P3170117
P3160073 P3160070
P3180129 P3160066
P3180160 P3160060
P3170092 P3180141
P3170087 P3170100
P3180152 P3150036