Chengdu panda adventure

Hello! After two pleasant flights we arrived in the city that is well known for its spicy food and Panda breeding centre: Chengdu, in the Sichuan region. We expected the usual Asian traffic chaos with lots of noise, but Chengdu apparently is something else. All motorbikes are electric! And while this is a good thing noise-wise and for the environment, these silent snipers will hit you in no time. You don’t hear them coming!
dsc_0107 dsc_0108
dsc_0127 dsc_0109

The funny thing is that all products we bought in a bar or supermarket are expired. We managed to find a Coke that runs till September 19, but that’s it so far. Our beers in the restaurant, noodles and even our water have an expired date. Fingers crossed and go for it!

dsc_0012 dsc_0017
dsc_0009 dsc_0031
dsc_0055 dsc_0046

Panda time! We (=Denise) have been looking forward to visit the Chengdu panda research and breeding centre for ages. Especially when we saw all the newborn baby panda’s on the news last week. The photos speak for themselves… Pandas, big or small.. they’re all too cute!

dsc_0027 dsc_0029
dsc_0070 dsc_0073
dsc_0095 dsc_0098
dsc_0124 dsc_0099
dsc_0119 dsc_0118
dsc_0001 dsc_0002

Now we’re all packed and checked-out of our Chengdu hostel. It’s time for our skytrain ride to Tibet, the highest railway in the world. Two ‘offline’ days to enjoy the magnificent views of the Tibetan Plateau, eat Chinese food and watch other travellers on the train (whilst connected to our Oxygen mask once in a while). See ya!