Death Valley feeling hot hot hot

From freezing cold Mammoth Lakes at minus 3°C this morning, we rapidly moved our butts to warmer places…. Within 6 hours the outside temp has reached plus 48 °C and has made us melt inside our soft top Mustang… oh baby this is what you may call HOT. However, Death Valley is still a place you want to see – and feel – for yourself. Believe us!
00545_Amerika_Denise (545) 00540_Amerika_Denise (540)
00524_Amerika_Denise (524) 00510_Amerika_Denise (510)

Max even managed to take al little walk outside the car, investigating one of the few things that prove people’ve actually worked here… While he was surveying the scene me and the ‘Stang managed to keep things cool inside. I had to drive the car around the parking lot to keep the air conditioning up and running. Wishful thinking of course…

00550_Amerika_Denise (550) 00532_Amerika_Denise (532)
00519_Amerika_Denise (519) 00554_Amerika_Denise (554)