Easter island mystery

From one island to another! With nothing but water between these two destinations during the 5 hours of our flight. However, the first island is slightly different from the next one. Where in Moorea we would focus on sunshine, the beach, coconuts and pineapples… there’s definitely something else that draws the attention when on Easter Island: the Moai statues and their incredible story. For us, this is the main reason to visit this fascinating and mystical island during our trip around the world. It’s truly mesmerizing to see the Moai from up close. Enjoy this magical journey with us!


Every time we arrive at a new Ahu full of Moais or ruins, more and more questions come up. How on earth would these people be able to make these hundreds of massive statues? What did they use to hew the Moai out of the volcano quarry, to move these ton weighing rocks (without using wheels!) and to manage to put them up straight (including their ‘top knot’)??? What was life like here? And what would the island have looked like, covered with dozens of Ahus, with Moai along the coast and on top of the hills? It’s just bizarre…we are beyond words!