Everest Base Camp

We didn’t make a special bucketlist for our trip, but if we did this place was definitely on it! Maybe even in the top three. Because, come on, let’s face it… when will you ever be able to watch the world’s greatest mountain from up close? Ok, we’ll admit, you have to face some challenges to actually get close to Mount Qomolangma, known to us as Mount Everest. But it’s so incredibly worth it. We would do it again tomorrow if we could!

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Today we’re driving up to Everest Basecamp, making several stops at cool vista points. Below you see the first two stops where we could spot Everest. We still have plenty of kilometers to go, as we have to ascend the curvy road (over a 100 curves!) down to the valley.

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At the end of the day we finally arrived at Basecamp and headed for the vista point to watch the sunset. The heavy wind made sure we were pretty cold in no-time and with our frozen fingers we managed to take a few ‘cool’ shots of Everest, the sunset and our group. With only a handfull of people there, we had the feeling we had the place to ourselves. Too good to be true!

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The next morning our guide Namgyal woke us up at 5:30 to start our hike. With six layers of clothes and two marie biscuits as breakfast we walked down the road, led by the bright moon that reflected beautifully at Everest. As we followed Namgyal on all his ‘shortcut rocky roads’ he was humming all the time and led the way. With every step breathing became harder, but we managed to keep sort of warm. Especially when Namgyal made a fire, as we were too early for the sunrise. The wait was definitely wortht it; the first rays touched the tip of Everest and after an hour we could hike back to camp, where our tent lady served us her homemade pancakes!

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