French Polynesia

Why book an extremely long and expensive flight from Australia to Chile, when you’re able to hop from one island to the other along the way? We’ll also label this journey as “ahh we will never do this again”, even though we’ve been saying this a lot lately. We fly from Sydney to Auckland (NZ) en take a brightly colored plane with a cool flower design. Destination: Tahiti, French Polynesia. Wow! After one short night at Tahiti, we take the ferry to the island of Moorea. Before we even leave the port, we’d see dolphins jumping around the boat. Such a unique place this is!

After all our adventures Down Under we need a little time to relax. We need to sleep in the same bed for more than 3 nights, to read a good book, to not sit in a car all day and if we’re lucky add some vitamin sea to it all… And let’s be honest, if you have the chance to travel to French Polynesia – say what?! – quiet easily, you would too right? Even though you still feel this destination is super fancy and only Kim Kardashian spends her holidays here… Let’s try to just blend in and enjoy the island life!

There’s not much to tell you guys about Moorea, except for the fact that’s extremely chill. We booked a nice apartment on Airbnb, just steps from the beach and with a phenomenal view! For the rest, there’s not much to do on the island, except for relaxing, swimming, kayaking. There are hardly any people, the supermarkets are still empty because of the holidays last week and if you do your best, you’ll find a total of 5 restaurants on the entire island. We’re happy the apartment comes with two kayaks and two bikes, so we’ll manage… having the time of our lives!