Galapagos, dream destination

Even though our legs are still a bit sore of our Machu Pichhu adventure, we continue to our next destination. The Galapagos Islands are in our bucket list top 3 for sure! This is one of the few places on earth where you can still encounter a special variety of wildlife and where you can watch the animals from up close in their natural habitat. The islands are a wonderful combination of nature, wildlife and pristine beaches. We’ll start at Isla Santa Cruz this week, where we see the famous giant tortoises in real life while we’re cycling around the island! These animals are gigantic and seem almost fake… Jurassic park eat your heart out! They don’t even bother we’re here, so while these guys are finishing their lunch, we admire them and take thousands of pictures.

Santa Cruz has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Galapagos: Tortuga Beach. White sand, turqoise water and wildlife everywhere! It feels like we have this beach all to ourselves… Maybe because you need to walk a path of almost 3km before getting here (!!). After two steps into the clear water, we already see reef sharks swimming by, a pelican looking for a nice meal and some sea iguanas relaxing on the volcanic rocks. This is amazing!

The town of Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora, is a relaxed town with people and animals living together in daily life. Especially at the local fish stand it’s truly hilarious to see how it works here… The ladies try to sell their fish, whilst sea lions try to beg for a nice mail and pelicans are awaiting their moment to fly by and grab the left-overs of the day. The sea lions are also really funny; they’re relaxing all day, most of the time in their favorite chair or on a nice bench in town. As soon as you try to sit down, they’ll let you know it’s their bench. Would you be so kind to sit somewhere else?! 🙂 Most of the nights we eat at los kioskes, a popular place for fresh fish – street food style. For only 5 bucks you can have the daily menu, containing fish soup and a nice main course with rice. Yummie!