Hiking walhalla

After spending some time in Patagonia the hiking fever really got us! Being outside all day makes us feel so good and after the first chapter ‘hiking for dummies’ we’re steppin’ it up a notch! In El Chaltén, the place to be when it comes to hiking, trekking and other outdoor activitities, we can let ourselves go. This town has a really cool winter sports kinda vibe. During the day the streets are empty and everyone is out, but in the afternoon the restaurants are full of cheerful hikers enjoying their well deserved beer after a long day on the trails. We could really relate to this, although we still feel like a bunch of fake hikers amongst all Northface and Patagonia fanatics…


Every few days we increase our efforts: today we’ll hike a total of 23km to Laguna Torre. This trail is quite the challenge, with splendid views going uphill and downhill. However, because of our enthousaism we overtake a bunch of hikers – with walking sticks and the whole shebang! Unfortunately we could still feel this enthusiasm two days later, as our legs keep feeling sore. Oh well… With clear blue skies we can easily see Mount Fitzroy and Cerro Torre, so cool!

After our nice homemade lunch and a well deserved nap it’s time to head back. We walk even faster than before, but that makes sense as we know that there will be ice cold beers and XXL hamburgers waiting for us in town. Cheers to an awesome day!