Holidays in Melbourne

After taking enough time to finish the swirly roads of the Great Ocean Road it is time to visit the next big city on our road trip, Melbourne it is! We have a nice camping close to the city center, where we spend this years’ Christmas. On our first day here we decide to head directly to the CBD, to celebrate Christmas Eve and to relax at St. Kilda’s beach.

We start Christmas day with a ‘just like home’ breakfast, with fresh juice and croissants. Then there’s only one place to celebrate an Aussie Christmas, straight to the beach! On the first day we arrived in Melbourne we met up with our fellow Tibetan travelers Donna & Justin, who invite us for Christmas dinner at Donna’s parents place. They even show us some hilariously decorated Christmas houses.

After this lovely Christmas we drive down to the beach house of Donna’s family, where we spend a couple of nights playing card games and have a lot of fun with Donna, Justin, their family and their dog Jay Z. This Aussie experience couldn’t get any better!