Isla Isabela

It keeps getting better and better! The island of Santa Cruz has been a great starting point to explore the Galapagos. Now it’s time to take the ferry to the next island full of wildlife, volcanos and a world famous under water world: Isla Isabela! From the first minute we set our feet on land, we are greeted by the friendly sea lions in the harbour. Without any reservations for a hotel or hostel, we stroll around the streets looking for a nice place to stay. It’s our lucky day, as we end up in a funky beach front hotel with a cute little bar downstairs. Gotta love the island life!

Isabela is wonderful and super laid back. We can walk the beach for miles talking, enjoying the beautiful ocean and many birds we come across. After some rough terrain and struggles to get to the mangroves, we find a mesmerizing secluded bay. There are blue footed boobies flying around, fishing and relaxing on the rocks, sea lions and turtles swimming around, amazing! We jump into the water and get very close (not too close) to the animals. Amazing! We also see other cool animals, like the bright red crabs, flamingos and sea iguanas.

The tour to Los Tuneles is the highlight of our Isla Isabela visit. We stopped counting the numerous blue footed boobies, sea turtles, sharks and rays we’ve seen today. Have you ever seen a real sea horse? We did! For the first time in our lives… it’s so tiny and well camouflaged between the mangrove branches, that you’d almost miss it! The photos below may seem pretty boring to you, but when you have a closer look you can see spotted eagle rays and a manta ray (its span is about 7 meters!!) from above.