Lanta island life

After five weeks of intense traveling, loads of impressions and over 10.000 kilometers behind us, it’s time for some reflection and to lower the pace. There’s no place we’d rather be than Koh Lanta to do this. This has got to be the good life; paradise with a capital P. Turquoise waters, sandy white beaches and the usual laid back island vibe. The only thing we are looking for is a bamboo hut facing the sea, the rest will go by itself. We won’t bore you with all the details, but this is what a ‘normal’ day looked like for us in the past two weeks…

Waking up to the sound of the waves, just a few meters away from our little bamboo palace. We’d get up, walk to the nearest beach bar and order a plate of fresh fruit or – even better – a banana pancake! Then it’s time to take our scooter for a nice drive around the island. There’s always a mandatory smoothie or lassi stop somewhere along the way.

Time to go explore the island; we’d go to the waterfall, visit Old Koh Lanta town, or just mess around with the scooter for some nerdy selfies. Along the way we even see some wildlife! Monkeys and big lizards are the main inhabitants of Koh Lanta’s national park.

Ofcourse we’d spend the afternoon swimming. The beach, a nice swimming pool in a resort we don’t belong, you name it. Everything is possible in Koh Lanta!

When it’s almost sunset, we’d go to one of many beach bars with a view and sit down for a beer, a coconut or cocktail. That’s it… you just sit, relax and watch the sun go down as you take a zip or two. The views are magnificent! And they make you hungry 🙂 So let’s see what’s on the menu tonight, Sawadee Kaaap!