Laos by slowboat

From Chang Mai, Thailand we took a minibus to cross the border with Laos and went on a two day trip by slowboat. All backpackers sit in the front of the boat, chatting and drinking mostly. While sailing down the mekong river we had great views of several villages and beautiful nature. After a long day we stopped in a tiny village, where we couldn’t find a place to stay for a long time. As the electricity went out around 8pm our search wasn’t getting any better. Thankfully we finally found a crappy place for only $1 each…
CIMG0252 CIMG0243
CIMG0278 CIMG0365

Luang Prabang is our second stop. This village is awesome! Lots to see and do, too bad we couldn’t stay that long. If I ever have the change, I will definately go back to this place.

CIMG0309 CIMG0316
CIMG0344 CIMG0325

We’ve only been in Laos for just one week and we can tell you right away that’s way too short to discover this beautiful country. However, as backpacker youngsters we had one main goal; tubing in Vang Vieng. Glad we did, as tubing the way we did isn’t allowed anymore nowadays. Quiet understandable actually! Goodbye swings, goodbye terribly dangerous slides and goodbye not-a-good-idea-trapeze… Too bad we didn’t bring a camera to our tubing adventure, but believe us… This day has been one of the best of our trip so far!

CIMG0403 CIMG0393