Love from London

Why not mix business with pleasure? I had to attend my data analysis training in London CBD on Monday, but decided to go a few days earlier. A little sightseeing, a pint or two and a date with Miek to catch up after a long time. This city sure has a great vibe!
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P9180013 (2) P4140151

As a few days in London weren’t enough, I booked another flight short after my first stay. This time with my brother as fellow traveler. We went completely ‘touristy’ and managed to visit most of the highlights in just one weekend. Our rental bikes were tremendous and brought us everywhere in no-time.

P4140143 IMG_0086
P4130101 P4130123
P4140154 P4130121
P4130119 P4120096
P4120040 P4120094
P4130112 P4120052
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P4120069 P4120015