Mykonos, Cyclades

Known for its party and festival scene, Mykonos is like Ibiza’s Greek cousin. Night clubs, luxurious restaurants and fancy beach bars, 24/7 entertainment guaranteed! Especially the fancy beach bars make us incredibly happy; Corona in one hand, some bites in the other, while the resident DJ is playing some funky tunes. We’re in paradise at the moment, where are you?
Mykonos Scorpios
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One of our favorites is Scorpios – this is the place where you can relax, dance, drink… and eat! Their naan pizzas are absolutely delicious and even made it to our dinner table in Utrecht. You find this place on one of the Southern cliffs, just follow the music and you know where to find this little piece of paradise.

Ornos, Mykonos Mykonos stad
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Looking for a nice seafood restaurant? Go to Ornos and book a table on the balcony at Apaggio. Delicious food! You’ll also find the Buddha beach bar around the corner. Nice for drinking cocktails at sunset. Mykonos is certainly one of our favorites! Just take that plane, rent a motor bike and go see it for yourself. Each bay in Mykonos has its own little surprise for you…