Peru at first sight

Time flies… and before we know it we are crossing borders again. Bye Bolivia, hello Peru, adventures await! We start our journey in Arequipa, also known as ‘the white city’. This beautiful colonial city lies in a valley that is surrounded by several volcanos. It’s a marvelous view, which we can see from our hostel’s roof terrace during breakfast in the rising sun!

Our first days in Arequipa are lovely, we stroll around the city, go out to dinner in one of the many trendy restaurants and enjoy the local drink Pisco Sour. From here, it’s easy to book a tour to the nearby Colca Canyon, a popular backpacker destination. This Canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and is known for its great variety of outdoor activities you can do here; hiking, rafting and mountainbiking.

The weather changes constantly, but thankfully we’re able to see the canyon and its surroundings in the early morning. We even see ash clouds coming out of one of the nearby active volcanos. Wow, that’s a first! After a short ride, we hope to see some condors from the famous view point ‘Cruz del Condor’. Yes! While we’re waiting at one of the high cliffs, we see the birds fly by. Their average wingspan of 3 meters makes these birds amazingly big and it’s really impressive to see them from up close.

This time we won’t be taking a helicopter to see the canyon’s beauty as we did in the States two years ago. As we will be hiking enough in Peru the next coming days, we choose a mountainbike tour with a mostly downhill route of 13 km. As Denise is enjoying the ride slowly, Max has already arrived in the valley. So much for quality timing… new Strava records have to be made of course.