Road to Mandalay

Our next destination is Myanmar. Fellow travellers promised this country sure is worth a visit and should be on our travel wish list! They assured we will not be dissapointed in Myanmar; not in its landscapes, culture, food, nor in its people. Since the minute we’re here, we feel so welcome already! We will start our adventure in bustling Mandalay.
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Mandalay appears to have a mix of different sights across the city. The best way to explore these is with our hotel bikes. Hardly any tourist dares to do so, as taxis are easy to come by and traffic seems pretty scary at first. We can now tell… once you’re in it, it’s not that bad. As long as we used our bicycle bells to let everyone know we’re near 🙂

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No matter how many times we tell each other, we still fail in planning our activities outside the hottest moments of the day. Result: when it’s between noon and 2pm you can make sure we’re cycling up a hill, climbing some sort of stairs (like Mandalay Hill, my god… it didn’t end) or walk around a tremendously hot market or something. It’s still fun, sort of… And from the other side: in this way we get enough exercise without doing any sports!