Roadtrip to Torres

Patagonia is one of South America’s most stunning regions. Known for its mesmerizing nature, wildlife and world’s best hiking trails, this is the place to be for every outdoor lover. We did not really plan to go here at first, but boy are we glad we did! The numerous national parks and the fact that you can easily visit the region – spread over Chile and Argentina – with your own transportation made us add this beautiful destination to our bucket list. And we loved every minute of it!

From Punta Arenas we drive through Puerto Natales on our way to the world famous national park Torres del Paine. We rented a nice family car to be able to stop everywhere we want, listen to our own road trip playlist and enjoy the views together. As we slowly see the Torres massif rise above all other peaks we know we’re getting closer to our hiking adventure. The views from our first trail – over the blue lakes and gletsjer – are amazing and we slowly climb to the top (Max forgot to tell the trail he picked was rated as ‘difficult’). The ranger warned us for heavy winds throughout the park and wow, we still couldn’t believe its strength at the top. Pretty dangerous and freakishly cold!!

After a super fun and long hiking day, we decide to pamper ourselves in one of the few lodges inside Torres del Paine. With one of the best views in the park and a glass of red wine we feel like the happiest people on earth. Cheers to our Torres adventure!