Salar de Uyuni

At 4:00 am our alarm goes off. Time to leave the salt hotel and drive to the Uyuni Salt flat for an hour in complete darkness. Whilst the jolly Bolivian music wakes us up little by little, we can see through the car windows that it’s already getting a little bit lighter outside. When Aquilin decides to turn off the beams and drive more than a 100km per hour without any hands on the wheel, we’re all wide awake in no-time. Bolivian humor we would say… We arrive safely at Isla Incahuasi, a rocky island full of cacti, and we sprint to the top. Bummer, we forgot we’re still on high altitude, so within a few minutes we see little stars everywhere and gasp for air. Thankfully there’s not much more to do than seek a good spot, sit down and enjoy the sunrise. It’s magical!

Whilst the sun rises slowly, we are finally able to see how big the salt flat is. A giant white field, as far as the eye can see. It’s unbelievable. After a nice breakfast, made by Aquilin, we jump in the jeep to look for a good photo spot. We took some funny props with us, so hopefully we’re able to take some cool no-depth photos. However, it’s way harder than we thought: we’re screaming at eachother to hold a specific position, run back and forth like crazy and are covered in salt in no-time. Apparently you have to lie down to be able to shoot some cool pics?! It’s up to you guys to decide whether or not we did a good job!

The photo session was good fun! We actually didn’t want to leave that fast, but hey… the tour continues. After visiting a few more highlights, like the offical salt hotel, the Dakar statue, a local market and the train cemetary, it’s time to drive to our final destination: Uyuni. These three days were awesome!