The Altiplano

At every border crossing we think of the lovely, easy Europe with nostalgia. Europe, where you jump in you car, drive for a few hours and be in another country without even noticing it. No lines, no 4 cubicles, no 6 people, for only 2 stamps. Getting into Bolivia is our new challenge, and once this mission is accomplished, we’re ready for our new adventure: a 3-day tour to the Uyuni salt flats in a 4×4 jeep! During our trip around the world we visit the two biggest highlands of the world: first Tibet and now the Altiplano! With an average altitude of 3300 meter, we’ll be cruising through the desert and salt flats with a group of 7 people and our guide Aquilin. There are hardly any roads, so we put our trust in Aquilin, with his good sense of humor and aweful music taste…

This trip is a true adventure: not because of the crappy jeep that almost falls apart, but because of the stunning scenery! Desert, volcanos, salt flats, lagoons and geysers; there’s so much to see! We can even take a dip in one of the hot springs to relax a little and enjoy the beautiful view. At the end of our day we stop at Laguna Colorada, a lake with more than 3000 flamingos! We now regret our dangerous U-turn in Patagonia, to take a (failed) photo of only 2 lousy flamingos somewhere in a distant field… Whoops! Thankfully we’ve got plenty of time – and flamingos – to take another shot!

In the morning of day 2 all our stuff is loaded on top of the jeep again. Another great day full of unique sights, volcanic rock formations, llamas and the occasional desert rabbit. Today’s a long drive – with a few stops and a lovely lunch made by Aquilin. At night, we sleep in a hotel that is fully made of salt!