The Red Centre Way

The second part of this trip is the ‘Red Centre’ in its purest form. The dirt roads and surroundings have a deep red colour and within a few seconds our camper has got a lovely new red dot design. We assumed we would be driving in extreme heat, on dusty roads and through the dry empty desert. Well, think again! Because of the many showers the desert’s blooming – green plants and bushes everywhere. The not so dusty roads are muddy pools and it’s a real adventure to be able to hold the wheel. Keep those hands in the 10 and 2 o’clock position and we’re good to go!

Along the way there are warning signs for a variety of animals that inhabit this area. Wild horses, wandering stock, camels, roo, dingo’s, you name it! Paying attention pays off, and before we know it wild horses stroll along and lizards cross the road.

Finally we reach the end of this part, also known as the Mereenie Loop. Tired and a bitt stiff of holding the wheel so tight, we’re glad we experienced this rough piece of Outback! From Ginty’s Look-out we see Kings Canyon waiting for us in the afternoon sunlight. From now on it will be clear blue skies and deep red dirt, so long rain, thanks for the cool experience!