Tropical far North

Here are some pictures of my Queensland adventures; sailing the Whitsundays, white water rafting on the Tully river and exploring the Cape Trib area. I met a cool Dutch girl and Canadian guy, with whom I travelled for two weeks.
IMG_3147 IMG_3148
 CIMG2987org  CIMG2968
 IMG_3164  CIMG2985

This is such a cool place; especially because of all the wildlife and beautiful nature you find here. Beware of crocodiles! We sometimes didn’t even dare to go into the water, as we forgot which side of the area was meant for people / crocs! The coolest thing we experienced was participating in the new commercial for Cape Trib by kayak. As the helicopter flew over to shoot some features, we barely managed to stay up! Anyway… Take your time to explore this area, it’s worth it!

 IMG_3177  IMG_3178
IMG_3070 CIMG2887
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CIMG2746 CIMG2552