Wild Wild West MacDonnell Ranges

Whilst preparing for our upcoming world trip we found an article on ‘the Red Centre Way’ – a round trip through the Australian Outback, partially on dirt roads and with many national parks on the way. No doubt, this is what we’re gonna do! We both love driving and camping and when you top it up with cruising around in a 4WD camper, we’re as happy as a clam! All supplies, water and fuel for 7 days are easily found in Alice Springs. After a few “safe travels guys” and “no worries mates” we’re on our way.


The West MacDonnell Ranges is a beautiful area and is famous for its many gorges, creeks, wildlife and oker pits. In between the hills there are many natural pools. It’s just the best to get out of bed really early to take a dip in the creek and cool off – especially when it’s already 30 degrees at 8 am!

Thank God Australians can’t live without their ‘barbies’, as there’s always one somewhere. Even though we’re in the middle of nowhere it’s possible to grill our hamburgers and chicken sate! At Redbank we’re the only ones in the whole area, far away from everything and no cell reception (but with a PBL for emergencies?!). Meat and veggie packages on the BBQ, Australian beer, music and a campfire. That’s all you need right?