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In love with Cusco

usco is a city we fell in love with in no-time. A city full of life, colors, history, a lovely artistic neighbourhood, beautiful churches, ruins, musea and an overall nice […]

Peru at first sight

ime flies… and before we know it we are crossing borders again. Bye Bolivia, hello Peru, adventures await! We start our journey in Arequipa, also known as ‘the white city’. […]

Bolivian City life

olivia is so much more than salt flats and wonderful nature. This country also has some colonial cities that should not be skipped! Meet Sucre and La Paz, two cities […]

Santiago de Chile

warm welcome in our first South American metropole: Santiago de Chile! Although warm is an understatement these weeks… Santiago copes with extreme bush fires at the moment and the added […]

Happy New Year

he past few years we always felt a bit jealous while watching the Dutch news on December 31 around 2pm: “Sydney welcomes the new year as one of the first […]

Going Down Under

fter two months of traveling in Asia, it’s time to hop to the next continent. Yes people, time to go Down Under! We both have been in Australia before, but […]

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